7 Questions to Ask Digital Marketing Candidates

We all know that 2018 is the year for digital marketing. Your business simply can’t survive without an online marketing presence. When interviewing digital marketers, you must determine if their knowledgebase and experience are the right fit.

As a seasoned marketing recruiter, Underwood Edge is dedicated to helping you find the perfect candidate for your company. If your goal is to improve your company’s digital marketing presence, these important interview questions can help you hand select the best talent.

  1. What Do You Like About Our Digital Marketing Presence?

This is a great question to find out what your potential hire already knows about your business, and more importantly, how deep they have delved into your Web presence. An ideal answer will give details on specific elements of your Web and social media presence and may include thoughts on how to make improvements.

  1. How Would You Improve our Digital Marketing Presence?

A great follow up to the question above, the answer to this question reveals what your potential hire sees as areas in need of improvement within their evaluation of your digital presence. This question distills your hire’s knowledge into practical applications.

  1. Which Strategies Would You Implement to Drive Website Traffic and Conversions?

Anyone can read a few articles and pick up digital marketing buzzwords to talk shop during an interview. By asking about specific strategies, you begin to learn about your candidate’s true abilities. An informed answer will go beyond basic social media strategies and metrics reporting.

  1. What Are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tools You Use?

Because the digital marketing field is constantly changing, the ideal digital marketing hire will know about the best tools available, which tools to leverage, and be able to differentiate which tools work best for your business. Some of our favorite tools include: Canva, Buzzsumo, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp.

  1. Which Strategies Help You Stay Informed About Digital Marketing Trends?

A digital marketer without passion is not someone you want to work for you. Your hire should frequently visit blogs and follow social platforms that cover the latest and greatest trends. Some of our favorite blogs include: SmartInsights, Digital Marketing Institute, and The Drum.

  1. How Do You Develop Effective Content Strategies?

Digital Marketing is all about content and how that content is being shared with your target audience. The best digital marketing candidate is one who understands which content is best shared, including where and when to share it. While CMS platforms vary in name and utility, all of them organize and manage content in some fashion. Your potential hire should be well-versed in various content management systems and be able to discern favorite aspects of each CMS.

  1. Which Certifications Do You Have?

Certification from a professional organization can help you choose the best candidate. The candidate with an industry-specific certification is passionate about their field and this extra seal of approval can boost your confidence in terms of making the best hire. Oftentimes, a candidate with certifications is better for your company than one without.

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  1. Jay Debaecke on October 23, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    Big brands also find it harder to take advantage of ‘domain authority’ in 2018. Its harder for most businesses because low-quality content on parts of a domain can negatively impact the rankings of an entire domain.

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