How Blogging Can Transform Your Career

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Whether you’re a social media professional or someone who owns your own business, you have probably thought about starting your own blog.

Blogging involves more than keeping a running dialog about trending topics or what’s on your mind on any given day. A blog can help you develop relationships with potential recruiters and improve your chances of landing that perfect role. You might not be looking for a job currently, but as headhunters know, recruiting is all about who you know.

What exactly can blogging do for you, and why is it an important asset when you are job hunting? Your blog can serve as a springboard for creating conversations and building your personal brand. Here’s what else blogging can do for your career search.

Create an Instant Portfolio

Once you start writing regular blog entries, you’ve done more than write about subjects that are important to you. You have developed an instant portfolio that potential employers can view to learn more about your skill set and topics that matter to you.

 Establish Your Personal Brand
Having a popular blog helps you share the best aspects of your personal brand or business. Are you a freelance writer or editor? Create content that is focused on your target audience. Relevant content that is helpful and highly readable will help you stand out from other writers who don’t have a blog.

 Become a Thought Leader
One reason that many people blog is to establish themselves as experts or thought leaders within their field. Let’s say you have topnotch social media marketing skills and want people to read your content on various social platforms. One way to market yourself is by writing regular blogs about trending social media topics that are important for others to know. Your blog can help you earn the trust of your audience, even if you are new to blogging and content marketing.

Build Your Network

So, you’ve started a blog, but you don’t have a lot of spare time to market yourself or attend recruiting events. No problem! Share your blog with friends on social media, especially platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Do you need advice on how to cross-promote and share your blog? These simple tips can help.

If you have a business-related page on Facebook, invite your followers to subscribe to your blog, and encourage them to pass it on to recruiters or businesses who are looking to hire someone with your skill set.

 Start Conversations
The goal of most blogs is to start interesting conversations. Compelling conversations help establish your brand and connect you with other people, including potential employers or recruiters.

If your blog has a monthly theme or is industry-specific, your content can result in making important connections and gathering loyal followers. What’s more, every time you post a blog, you create an opportunity for one of your followers to share your content. The more people who read your content, the better for you and your brand.

Creating a blog doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Underwood Edge has included some resources below so you can learn more about getting started and take the next logical steps.


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