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The Underwood Edge.
High-powered, hands-on recruiting
in pursuit of the perfect fit.

Our Mission:
Happy, revenue-generating hires.


Finding that perfect fit is so valuable. In the end, that’s what drives revenue and success for our clients, and happiness for our candidates. It takes experience, excellent communication, exhaustive research, and deft management. It’s not easy, but at Underwood Edge we consistently make it happen, and make it easy for you in the process.


What you get when you work with us.


Leadership and Experience

With over 20 years of marketing and sales recruiting experience, we know what successful, high-ROI recruiting looks like and what it requires. We’re leading the way with a high-powered, hands on approach that consistently delivers the best, long-term results for both client and candidate.


Smooth, Strategic Process

Strategic recruiting means knowing exactly what both client and candidate want to accomplish, and figuring out what exactly that looks like. It requires a sometimes over the top process to uncover it. Few recruiters make it work, let alone know how. At Underwood Edge, this is what we do, and do like no other.


Marketing Specialization

Cindy Underwood brings unmatched experience and understanding of the marketing industry. She is an AMA board member and has a strong reputation throughout the industry. She knows how to gain a clear understanding of what the marketing team truly needs, what will make the candidate happy, and how to make it happen.


Personal Touch and Commitment

Two big parts of our personal touch that clients love: One, we’re refreshingly honest. We don’t beat around the bush or play games. Two, we’re extremely responsive and reliable. We always get back to you, and we always deliver what we say.


Best Technology

The right technology can make recruiting quicker, smarter, more efficient. At Underwood Edge, we’re a leader in our industry and are therefore constantly on top of researching, exploring and implementing the very best apps, platforms and tools that help us deliver the best results for our clients and candidates.


Passion for the Perfect Fit

Our high-ROI recruiting takes not just expertise, but endless hours of hard work. The only thing that can truly drive and sustain such a relentless pursuit for the perfect fit, is passion. We thrive on the personal reward of having placed a candidate that is thrilled and revenue-generating for a long time.



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