Are You Listening? 5 Tips For Better Interviews

Some job seekers think that listening during an interview means waiting for their chance to talk about themselves and answer questions the interviewer asks. If this describes you, don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a call back for a second interview. “Many candidates are so anxious during their interview, they don’t realize what is…

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How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your calling card and the very first impression you make when introducing yourself to a recruiter. Unfortunately, some candidates skip this important step during their job search – or worse – write a generic letter and press “send” without giving it a second thought. This article outlines five strategies for writing…

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How Blogging Can Transform Your Career

Whether you’re a social media professional or someone who owns your own business, you have probably thought about starting your own blog. Blogging involves more than keeping a running dialog about trending topics or what’s on your mind on any given day. A blog can help you develop relationships with potential recruiters and improve your chances…

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